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April already?

I cannot believe it’s April already. Xterra has come and gone, Cape Epic is finished already and the season is 3 weeks from being at Ironman already.

A few weeks ago we were talking about how crazy the start of the year is and now we are almost halfway through. Time is without a doubt not waiting for anybody and like the petrol price, just keeps consuming more and more of us. We had the opportunity to travel with BoE Private Clients on their Sani2c Road Show, spreading the Pure Planet Racing message to clients of BoE Private Clients.

Many were interested in the athlete charter, which is 90% complete and merely needs a legal sign off before we can launch it here in just a short while. We are looking forward to this hitting the market. On this trip, we spoke with Tim Noakes, who inspired us to change our habits and look at eating in new ways, but on deeper conversations with Prof Noakes, he was also a huge proponent of ethical eating, something we are immensely passionate about.

Eating from ethical sources will improve your life. It really is that simple. Food that comes in a box without plastic packaging, is farmed in sustainable ways and is not pumped full of growth hormones will improve your stress levels, improve your sleep patterns and fill you with vitality. There are loads of ethical producers out there, keep an eye out for them. We love the Ethical Co-Op, just search for them in Google.

We had Nic Lamond and Simon Raubenheimer at the Cape Epic last week as part of other teams, but flying the PPR flag. Nic and his partner, Carl Pasio, rode for / RSA Web and Simon rode as part of one of the Contego teams, which are managed by Line’ Griffiths, who is an instrumental figure in looking after the bodies of more than a few PPR athletes. Nic finished in the top 30 team this year, an incredible challenge. Simon fell victim to illness and was forced to abandon on Stage 5. Our hearts broke for him and we are sure that he will be back soon, stronger than ever.

Raoul has been toying with his recycling project and can confirm that he is now down to one small plastic packet of waste per week. A year ago, this was 2 black bags per week. An immense saving of around 500 cubic meters of waste per year. This came from simply recycling where possible and moving to eating food without all the packaging. We urge you to try this at home and find out about recycling projects in your area.

You can find out monthly posts on and Bizcommunity by searching for Pure Planet Racing. Also, if you bought the April edition of Ride Magazine, you would have seen a feature article on the team and the initiatives around the team. We are also in the process of finalising 2 projects with and will keep you posted on these as they develop.

Have a superb week and chat soon.