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Welcome to 2012

Indeed, another year has passed and it was an incredible one. Pure Planet Racing launched in 2011 with baited breath and high expectations. We had a vision and a mission we wanted to share.

We brought a new message to the market. Apart from the reuse, recycle, reduce message, which we all took to heart in 2011, we championed 2 causes – carpooling and bottled water. We applied the no bottled water rule wherever possible, using it only in life-threatening situations where options were zero, and carpooled our way around the country and the world at times.

As a team, we managed to partake in some of the most amazing races around the world, events that cater for the outdoor enthusiast where results are not always the focus. Some of the events included:

The Imana Wild Ride
O till O
Garmin Warmwater Weekend

BoE Private Clients allowed Raoul de Jongh to tour the country on their Sani2c road trip, talking about sustainability, sharing his vision with their clients and making an impact on the cycling market. Race organisers have called to ask about reducing their events’ footprints, as athletes from all over the world have emailed to ask how to reduce their impacts fastest and as the idea of Pure Planet Racing spread.

With privateer athletes like Guy Veysey, Simon Raubenheimer and Gavin Wood on the team, we featured near the front in all races, among the professional athletes. We raced hard, played hard and came out the other end with an even bigger vision for 2012.

BoE Private Clients have taken title sponsorship of the concept in 2012 and together, expect to make a much bigger impact on not only the cycling and multi sport markets, but into the swimming, golf and other sports markets too.

This year, we will be allowing any athletes to partake as a Pure Planet Racing athlete, with toned down gear for running, cycling, swimming and triathlon to start. If you believe in the concept and want to help raise awareness for our concept, please contact us directly with your enquiries.

There will be a lot more going on on the blog this year too, so keep us in your RSS feeds and make sure to keep an eye on our Twitter account, @TeamPurePlanet

As Guy, Simon and Gavin have confirmed their team slots in 2011, we are looking forward to making a few more announcements over the next few weeks about new team members who are joining the concept because they want to make a difference. Raoul has taken up the role to blog for 52 weeks for the Sani2c race and will be traveling with BoE Private Clients again in 2012 spreading the word and racing as hard as possible where he can.

A big thanks to all the people who made this venture possible in 2011. Fairbairn Private Bank, BoE Private Clients, Garmin, Velocity Sports Lab, Axis House, Puma, Morewood and the other people who made an impact on our lives – we thank you.

PS: The image is of Guy Veysey, swimming in the Swedish Archipelago, where the term Pure Planet took on a whole new concept.