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Wines2Whales 2012 & The Songo Garden

It’s a year later and this year Pure Planet Racing have two team participating at the Wines2Whales and the teams are both rearing to go and ready to rumble out there. Raoul is racing with Greg Goodwin, who is one of the major driving factors behind the Songo project, and Guy is riding with Tristan, a roving triathlete who loves to play on the trails.

Wines2Whales is an absolute beauty of a ride with a route that can only be described as breathtaking and the new single track is promised to be magnificent.

Many thanks to Rehidrat sport who sponsor one of the entries for the team so that we can auction it off in return for supporting the Songo project where we are building a tyre farm for the kids so that they can learn to feed themselves when economic times are tough. Wines2Whales is a special time for us because of this connection.

The compost is ready, the soil is there, tyres are being delivered and soon the garden will be a reality. It has taken much longer than anticipated but in the end, we’ll look back and smile because this is going to change people’s lives.